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City of Edmonton Moves to Google


April 10, 2012

First major city in Canada to adopt office technology

The City of Edmonton will become the first major municipal government in Canada to use Google email and other office technology apps for all City employees. An agreement recently signed with Google opens the door for all City employees to access their online resources from any place, location and with any device.

For the first time, those City employees who do not have an email account will have one as well as access to other office technology tools called Google Apps, such as docs, spreadsheets and presentations. Currently, about 3,000 employees who work throughout the City and not in an office setting do not have email accounts.

Google Apps will enhance productivity, efficiency and collaboration between departments while maintaining strong security and privacy standards.

“This move supports our City Vision, The Way Ahead, to use the most innovative technologies available,” said city manager Simon Farbrother. “We will now have a more inclusive work environment where all employees will have access and be able to share and collaborate in real time on the same document whenever they want, in any location, and on any device such as smartphones and laptops.”

“This partnership is a win-win for the people of Edmonton,” said Google Enterprise vice president Michael Lock. “City employees get Google's modern email and collaboration applications and staff will spend less time maintaining systems, allowing them to dedicate more resources to the important mission of serving the citizens of Edmonton.”

The change will be phased in over the next few years with Google email and calendar put in place in late 2012, into 2013 and the other apps available for employees to use late next year.

The City’s chief information officer, Chris Moore, pointed out that before selecting Google email, calendar and other apps, rigorous analysis and testing of the different technology options available occurred along with a third-party assessment and review. In August 2011, Council approved the decision to go with Google.

In the United States, several states, cities and federal and local government agencies have switched to Google email and other apps. Google Apps has completed a rigorous security certification and accreditation with the U.S. federal government.


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