Ward 6 Councillor Candidate Contact Information

A list of candidates for Councillor in the 2010 Edmonton Elections and their contact information provides an opportunity for voters to ask questions of and familiarize themselves with the candidates and their positions on the issues.

The contact information and website addresses were supplied by the candidates.
The candidates are listed below, by their last name first, in alphabetical order.

Candidate Name Contact Information  Website

Basualdo, Cris

Phone: 780-289-2993
Email: crisbward6@shaw.ca


Batty, Jane Phone: 780-240-5283
Email: jane@janebatty.ca
Frost, Carla Email: frostcomm@hotmail.com  
Johnson, James Phone: 780-240-7936
Email: jj4cc2010@gmail.com
Kapitza, Bryan Phone: 780-450-8539
Email: campaign@communitiesfirst.ca
Permann, Lee

Phone: 780-686-2364
Email: lee.permann@versacold.com

Pirbhai, Adil Phone: 780-429-5988
Email: adilpirbhai@hotmail.com
Roberts, Thomas Phone: 780-425-1995
Email: Twroberts@shaw.ca

The City of Edmonton publishes candidate names, contact information and web links as a service to candidates and voters. Publication of this information does not imply any endorsement of a candidate or candidates but is meant for information purposes only.

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