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Planning Jobs

Consider a career in planning in Edmonton, Alberta

One of the most interesting and rewarding careers you can have in municipal government is in the dynamic field of planning. With one of the planner jobs in Edmonton, you can have a real impact on the positive growth of a city for decades to come, helping to make it more liveable and functional for its residents.

Planner jobs in Edmonton combine the satisfaction of working in a challenging environment with the rewards of living in a clean city that has many great facilities to offer young families.

The City of Edmonton has planner jobs for everyone in the field from entry level employees to senior professionals. Successful candidates for these positions will appreciate the opportunity to work in a city that is well established but which also has much room for growth.

Some details about planner jobs in Edmonton

Planner jobs in Edmonton fall into several areas of specialization. These include budget planning, community planning, and natural-area planning – among others.

Accepting one of the planner jobs in Edmonton means you might be involved in developing the city’s road network, transit system, or zoning and land use. Whichever area of specialization you choose, you will be involved establishing a long-term direction for the city.

If you’re interested in a working environment that is challenging and that offers great opportunities for advancement, then planner jobs in Edmonton could be ideal for you.

A senior planner, for example, gets the opportunity to create, sustain and develop neighbourhoods that will create a high quality of life for many decades to come. An applicant for one of these planner jobs would take a leadership role in neighbourhood planning.

The City of Edmonton has a program called Great Neighbourhoods. Its aim is to efficiently deliver services to city neighbourhoods and to work on capital projects that will help create better neighbourhoods.

City employees in planner jobs may be involved in neighbourhood revitalization, coordinating policy planning, and working with other city departments.

The Urban Parks Management Plan

Anyone accepting one of the planner jobs in Edmonton may find themselves working on developing the city’s extensive park system. The city operates more than 48 kilometres of parkland along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River.

The Urban Parks Management Plan, adopted by the city in 2006, regulates the acquisition, design, maintenance, preservation and development of the city’s park system and other natural areas.

There would be few careers more satisfying than planner jobs focused on preserving parkland to further enhance the quality of life off all residents of this beautiful city.

Whether you already live in the Edmonton area or are considering a move to fill one of the city’s planner jobs, you’ll find everything you need for a rewarding and secure life. Edmonton is a great place to live for families or for young single professionals who are just starting out. Whatever lifestyle you seek, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a City of Edmonton career.

What qualities does someone need for Edmonton planner jobs?

To become a successful part of the city’s planning team, it is necessary to be dedicated, flexible, forward thinking, confident, and committed. And it goes without saying that strong technical skills are required for any of the city’s planner jobs. Among these are strong mechanical, electrical, and computer skills.

Edmonton is a great place to live and work

Anyone interested in relocating to Edmonton to fill one of its planner jobs will not be disappointed in their choice of a place to live. The quality of life in Edmonton is unrivalled in Canada.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, and one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. This Western business centre, the country’s sixth largest city, is being recognized more and more as an attractive place to live and work.

Edmonton’s park system is one of the most extensive in Western Canada. This green environment, which features a scenic river valley, offers residents the best of nature combined with all the excitement and convenience of a major metropolis.

Professionals interested in planner jobs in Edmonton are increasingly looking at the city as an ideal choice for them to relocate with their families whether they’re interested in planner jobs or another career.

If you’re interested in applying for one of the planner jobs in Edmonton, then go to the City of Edmonton’s web site, cityofedmontonjobs.ca, and follow the easy instructions.