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City of Edmonton Jobs

Take a look at the many great Edmonton careers now available

Are you interested in a working environment that challenges your skills and rewards you for a job well done? If so, then there are jobs in Edmonton waiting for you! If you’re looking for great opportunities for advancement, then City of Edmonton jobs could be what you’ve been looking for.

This fast-growing Alberta city has Edmonton careers in a wide range of disciplines, including planning, assessment, social work, engineering, and many more. These great Alberta jobs offer an exciting working environment in one of Canada’s most beautiful and thriving urban centres.

The province of Alberta and the City of Edmonton in particular offer capable individuals an interesting selection of possible Edmonton careers that can help them realize their dreams for the future.

You may have thought generally of Alberta jobs or jobs in Edmonton in particular. There are a wide range of current openings available for candidates who have the required qualifications. City of Edmonton jobs can be chosen to fit your particular interests and skills.

There are many types of Edmonton careers to choose from

The city’s list of available jobs includes openings in all areas of the city’s administration and services. Which field are you interested in? Here are the major categories of employment that might be of interest:

  • Engineering: There are challenging Edmonton careers in the field of   engineering. You might be interested in becoming an architectural technologist, an engineering technologist, a drafting technician, or a senior project engineer. Municipal engineering is one of the Edmonton jobs that is most essential to the efficient running of any major urban centre. Municipal engineers are concerned primarily with the city’s infrastructure. They design, construct, and maintain installations like roads, sidewalks, water supply, snow removal, lighting, and waste management.
  • Planning: There are also a wide variety of available planner jobs in Edmonton. Modern urban planners are concerned with several aspects of the ongoing development of the modern city. They concern themselves with aesthetics, safety, urban sprawl, transport, economics, and the environment. You might be interested in a position as an intermunicipal planner, a building safety codes officer, or an IT program manager.
  • Assessment: Among the many Edmonton careers available, are positions relating to real estate assessment. In a city administration, an assessor must be able to evaluate a property for property taxation purposes. Those who work in this Alberta jobs field can be assigned the job of gathering data relating to the value of residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, farmland, as well as machinery and equipment.
  • Social work: Large metropolitan cities employ social workers to provide counselling services, community development, and other preventative services. The candidate for one of these Edmonton careers will have to assess current services and consider what initiatives will benefit the community from a social perspective. They also help residents in difficulty make their way through the complex array of government and private services. They will counsel individuals who may be in the midst of some kind of crisis and who need a kind person who will help guide them towards a solution.

Besides these major Alberta jobs categories, there are many other Edmonton jobs available as well. You  may want to get involved in firefighting, refuse collection, accounting, transit driving, recreation and sports, office duties, information technology, trades work, equipment operating, working with animals, communications (including public relations), public inspection, and  many more.

Here are some examples of those other jobs in Edmonton:

  • Firefighter: You could be involved in one of the most important Edmonton careers available – and save lives in the process. Firefighters put their lives on the line to help others, but they get the greatest satisfaction in return. If fighting fires isn’t your preference, but you still want to be involved, you may be interested in working on the Fire Management team. This involves working on fire inspections, prevention, investigation and public education.
  • Refuse collector: This is one of the jobs in Edmonton that requires good physical condition along with driving ability. If you’re the type of person who would rather be outside rather than in an office, then this could be what you’re looking for.
  • Transit driver: this is a great Edmonton job for people who like people. If the idea of being chained to a desk all day doesn’t work for you, then this is one of the Alberta jobs that might be ideal. Among the Edmonton jobs available in transit are DATS operators and community service operators. Both full and part-time positions are available.
  • Inspector, bylaw enforcement officer: help residents by enforcing local bylaws and regulations, and conducting investigations. Help ensure a high quality of life by seeing to it that important municipal bylaws are obeyed.
  • Labourer and equipment operators: Alberta jobs in this field offer the candidate the opportunity to help with maintaining streets, municipal facilities and golf courses. You can work in snow removal, or any one of the other labour-related Edmonton jobs that are available.

Edmonton is a city on the move

Take advantage of the opportunity to grow along with the City of Edmonton. Combine new challenging Edmonton careers direction with a healthy and enriching lifestyle in this fast-emerging financial centre.

This Alberta city is one of the most vibrant and exciting in Western Canada, and one of the fastest growing in all of Canada. The city’s one million residents make it the sixth largest city in the country. 

Many professionals have made the decision to relocate to Edmonton because it has all the qualities they desire in a city. Whether it is quality schools, recreation, or a green environment, Edmonton has it all.

There are jobs in Edmonton with the municipality that will lead ambitious professionals to consider relocating to Alberta’s capital.

Whether you already live in the Edmonton area or are considering a move, you’ll find everything you need for a rewarding and secure life. Edmonton is a great place to live for families or for young single professionals who are just starting out. Whatever lifestyle you seek, you’ll find what you’re looking for in any one of our Edmonton careers.

If you are thinking about Alberta jobs or Edmonton jobs, you are bound to appreciate all that this city has to offer. The quality of life in the City of Edmonton is without equal in Canada.

Edmonton is a great place to raise a family

This Western business centre is being recognized more and more as an attractive place to live and work. This is true whether you’re looking at Edmonton jobs or a career in the private sector.

Edmonton has an extensive park system that hugs its scenic river, the North Saskatchewan. This combination of a natural setting and a dynamic business centre makes this city a place to live that is unmatched in Western Canada.

If you are a professional and considering any one the jobs in Edmonton being offered by the municipality, you are will recognize this city as a great place to raise a family.

The world-famous West Edmonton Mall is one of the city’s attractions that absolutely is not to be missed. It features more than 800 stores and 100 places to eat. It also includes the world’s largest indoor amusement park, a bungee jump and wave pool along with a casino and dinner theatre.
And Edmonton has a proud tradition of success in professional sports. The Edmonton Eskimos football team and the Edmonton Oilers hockey team have each won numerous championships. Both remain favourites of local sports fans.

What kinds of compensation is available for jobs in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton offers a generous compensation package to all its workers regardless of which Edmonton careers they prefer. This includes adjustments for the cost of living, along with increases and bonuses related to job performance.

The city’s “comprehensive benefits package” offers perks like holidays, leaves of absence, tuition reimbursement, and employee appreciation events. The City of Edmonton is very conscious of the need for its employees to enjoy a healthy balance between work and their outside life.

Besides the base salaries, which are very competitive with Edmonton jobs in the private sector, there are other perks associated with municipal jobs in Edmonton. For example, companies offer a variety of discounts to city employees for things like fitness clubs, insurance, entertainment, and leisure.

There are also very competitive pensions, health plans and other benefits that come with choosing a solid employer like City of Edmonton. Taxes in the city, and in the province of Alberta, are also among the lowest in the country.

When you take all the factors into consideration you’ll be hard pressed to find a situation that offers more for your future than a career with the City of Edmonton. Go to cityofedmontonjobs.ca for details about which positions are currently open, and how to apply.

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