WinterCity Strategy

We've heard loud and clear from Edmontonians — it's time to reclaim the joy of winter and embrace the season

It's time to be proud of our Edmonton winters, and even to be a little boastful about them!

We have a roadmap for working together as a community, and for thinking differently, to become a great world-leading winter city.

We are truly proud to say that we are on our way to realizing all the great potential our winters have to offer.

Transforming Edmonton

Edmonton's WinterCity Strategy

For the Love of Winter

Implementation Plan


Join the Conversation

Two people sitting on a bench during winter

Bundle Up and Join the Conversation!

You can't change the weather, but you can change how you feel about it. We'll help you learn to love winter in Edmonton.

Winter Life

Winter Life

Winter Life Pillar

Make it easier to 'Go play outside'.

Winter Design

Winter Design

Winter Design Pillar

Design our communities for winter weather.

Winter Economy

Winter Economy

Winter Economy Pillar

Support winter festivals and a four-season patio culture.

Winter Story

Winter Story

Winter Story Pillar

Celebrate the season and living in a cold climate.

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WinterCity Strategy