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The 10 WinterCity Strategy Goals

Each goal falls under one of our four WinterCity pillars.  As well, each goal has accompanying actions; things we can do and changes we can make so that Edmonton is taking full advantage of all that winter has to offer and making the most of our northerness.

To check out all the actions, look at the full WinterCity
 Strategy Report.

Winter Life

Goal 1: Make It Easier to “Go Play Outside”: Provide More Opportunities for Outdoor Activity
Goal 2:  Improve Winter Transportation for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Public Transit Users

Winter Design

Goal 3: Design Our Communities for Winter Safety and Comfort
Goal 4:  Incorporate Urban Design Elements for Winter Fun, Activity, Beauty and Interest

Winter Economy

Goal 5:  Increase the Capacity and Sustainability of Edmonton’s Winter Festivals
Goal 6: Develop a Four-Seasons Patio Culture
Goal 7: Become a World Leader in Innovative Winter Related Business/Industry

Our Winter Story

Goal 8: Celebrate the Season and Embrace Daily Living in a Cold Climate
Goal 9: Promote Edmonton’s Great Northern story Locally, Nationally and Internationally
Goal 10: Kick Start and Lead Implementation of Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy: Apply a ‘Winter Lens’ to Our City

For more information:

WinterCity Strategy

Email wintercity@edmonton.ca