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Winter Economy

Winter Economy 

Note: The numbering system connects the goals and activities to the Implementation Plan.

Goals of the Winter Economy Pillar:

  • E1 - Increase the capacity and sustainability of Edmonton's winter festivals
  • E2 - Develop a four-seasons patio culture
  • E3 - Become a world leader in innovative winter-related business/industry

What we were up to this past winter:

Winter Market
Hosted a booth which included free hot apple cider and marshmallow roasting in support of the first winter market at
All is Bright on 124. (Action E3.1)

Winter Fashion
Co-hosted For the Love of Winter: Fashion Design Competition and Fashion Show in conjunction with Western Canada Fashion Week. (Action E3.4)

Outdoor Patios
Hosted a workshop for hospitality industry representatives to explore ways to promote a four-season patio culture. (Action E2.1)

Launched the first ever city-wide Farewell to Winter Patio Party. (Action E2.4)

Supported two non-profit winter patios (at Café Bicyclette and The Carrot) (in support of Goal E2).

Printed Guides
Published and distributed over 9,000 Things to look forward to this winter!: Edmonton's Winter Festival and Events booklets across the city (in support of Goals E1, S1 and S2).

What we’re working on now:

Coordinating the preparation of a business plan for a new winter festival coordinating body. (Action E1.1)

Exploring development of a winter patio development program. (Action E2.1)

Participating in dialogue about amending provincial alcohol restrictions. (Action E2.2)

Planning the 2015 Winter Cities Shake-Up: Inspiring Greatness in Northern Cities, an international winter cities conference. (Action E3.3)

If you know of any local businesses or organizations that thrive in or embrace winter, please let us know at wintercity@edmonton.ca.

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Email wintercity@edmonton.ca