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Winter Design

Winter by Design 

Note: The numbering system connects the goals and activities to the Implementation Plan.

Goals of the Winter Design Pillar:

  • D1 - Incorporate urban design for winter fun activity, beauty and interest
  • D2 - Design our communities for winter safety and comfort

What we were up to this past winter:

Designing for Winter
Sponsored Designing Downtown – Pecha Kucha 17, and through a creative presence raised awareness about the need to use a winter lens (in support of Goals D1 and D2).

Creative Design
Supported a demonstration project for video projection mapping on a house at Candy Cane Lane (in support of Goal D2).

What we’re working on now:

Developing winter design guidelines that outline performance expectations including consideration for safe, comfortable and aesthetic winter design. Guidelines will also include recommendations for their adoption. (Action D1.1)

For information on everyday things you need to know about living in a winter city, please check out our Living in a Winter City page.

For More Information

WinterCity Strategy



Email wintercity@edmonton.ca