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Open Data

Open Data Objectives

What is Open Data?

Open Data is a practice that makes data freely available, easy to access, and most importantly, simple for the public to reuse in machine-readable formats. Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone.

Technology has provided the capability to distribute large amounts of government data and information through many different platforms on a vast array of subjects. This enables governments to provide public access to the data that it produces, collects and uses. This data is made available through a single and searchable window and consolidates data from across the government’s departments and agencies, providing access to them all in one place.

Open Data at the City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is the Canadian leader in Open Data and has recently been awarded the 2015 Canadian Open Data Award by the Open Data Society of BC and Open North. It was the fourth municipality and the third major Canadian city to host an online Open Data Catalogue when the City launched its platform in January, 2010. The catalogue has grown to include a wide variety of datasets and visualizations, making data related to roadways maintenance, locations of schools, varieties of trees, municipal elections data, aggregate municipal census data and much more available to the public. Anyone accessing data through the Open Data Catalogue can combine that data with contextual elements, transforming raw data to useful information.

Data released by the City has the potential to be both impactful and beneficial, contributing to the livability of our city. Open data allows for direct visibility into how decisions are made, empowers citizens and enhances the relationship between citizens and public organizations.

City of Edmonton’s Open Data Focus

  • Expanding the Open Data Catalogue with new datasets and visualizations on a monthly basis
  • Fostering the Metropolitan Edmonton area Open Data collaboration with surrounding municipal governments, post-secondary institutions, and law enforcement agencies
  • Enhancing standards and processes to ensure quality high-quality data and the creation of an advisory group to promote Open Data ensuring the new Policy is followed and Supporting the Open City Initiative.

Objective 3.1

City data will be publicly available

Data will be ‘open by default’ and available in a consistent and trusted format, secure and private by design where required.

Objective 3.2

City data will be accessible and usable

Enable Edmontonians to review and use City data for multiple purposes.

For More Information

Wendy Gnenz

Title Director, Corporate and Departmental Initiatives

In Edmonton: 311

Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

Website (http://ace.edmonton.ca)
Twitter https://twitter.com/OpenDataEdm