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Night Ride was a late-night weekend bus and taxi pilot program with a bus route from the busy Whyte Avenue late-night entertainment area to the University and Southgate Transit Centre.

It operated for 15 weekends between January 6 and April 14, 2012. Service was provided Friday and Saturday nights between 1:30am and 3:30am. A taxi stand providing additional transportation was available from Southgate Transit Centre.  

The purpose of Night Ride was to help patrons and workers of the night-time economy to get home more easily and safely after closing time.  

The Night Ride pilot was successful for the following reasons:

  • Behaviour on the bus was acceptable and better than expected.
  • Demonstrated that an integrated bus - taxi system does work.
  • The benefits of an extension of transit services for an additional 2-hours, until 3:30am on weekends, far exceeded the risks. 

The Night Ride pilot proved that, similar to New Year's Eve, people who socialize late into the night can be provided public transportation home without undue concerns for passengers, bus and taxi drivers, and the community.

Overall the pilot showed how late night transportation is an essential element of safe and vibrant night life. The pilot will help the City determine issues and opportunities with future late-night transportation options throughout Edmonton.

An evaluation of the Night Ride Pilot Project was presented to Executive Committee of City Council on June 27, 2012 .   

Related to the Night Ride Pilot Project was a report on options for future 24-hour transit service that was presented to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of City Council (April 24, 2012).  

The proposed 24-hour service would consist of eleven routes which generally follow existing mainline routes. These routes would operate in major corridors throughout the city, serving a number of major destinations and transit centres. The routes would also serve hospitality areas providing a safe way home for both patrons and staff. The routes would operate at a 30-minute frequency.  

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Angela Turner

Title Responsible Hospitality Edmonton Program Manager