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ELEVATE ReportELEVATE, a report generated from the Community Sustainability Task Force, details the challenges and recommendations to engage citizens to work with the City to create strong and sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

The ELEVATE Vision

ELEVATE’s vision will guide how the report and recommendations are enacted and it is hoped  the report will support a community resolve to “elevate” all Edmontonians.

Edmonton is a city in which engaged and informed citizens work together to create strong and sustainable neighbourhoods and communities. Our community will embrace diversity, will  provide a physical and social environment where we can live, learn, work, and play, and will meet the needs of current and future Edmontonians through their entire lifetime.

The ELEVATE Recommendations

The ELEVATE report includes nine recommendations, each with a number of associated action plans to be implemented.

Identified areas of focus within which the ELEVATE vision is realized:

  • Focus Area A – Demonstrate Leadership and Build Partnerships
  • Focus Area B – Employ Community-Drive Approaches to Strengthen Neighbourhoods
  • Focus Area C – Promote Life-Long Learning

ELEVATE offers these recommendations as a foundation and ‘blueprint’ for the next steps Edmonton can take in achieving ongoing community vitality.  The recommendations and action items apply equally well to Edmonton’s established and new neighbourhoods – our mature neighbourhoods of the future. 

Full list of recommendations are identified in the ELEVATE report.

Implementing ELEVATE's Vision

Collaborating to achieve vibrant, sustainable Edmonton communities

In June of 2012, City Council endorsed the ELEVATE report enabling administration to continue working with its partners to move forward on the recommendations, and to define and identify a collaborative course of action with inter-jurisdictional participants.

All school boards approved ELEVATE in principle, demonstrating their philosophical support for working together on this community sustainability initiative.

ELEVATE Committees and Membership
Edmonton Community Sustainability Coalition
(Governance Framework)
Key Milestones

Next Steps

  • Continued joint administrative meetings between of the City of Edmonton and the three School Boards to share current and long term plans. This will help all orders of government see how they are able to leverage opportunities, create efficiencies and maximize resource capabilities in communities.
  • Regular ongoing meetings of the established Edmonton Community Sustainability Coalition (ECSC).
  • Development of a coordinated action plan by the ECSC identifying joint priorities within the 9 ELEVATE recommendations

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