Energy and Climate Change

The closely-linked topics of “climate change” and “energy” are often mentioned in the media and are issues of interest to many citizens. The City of Edmonton is addressing climate change in its operations and is working with its citizens and businesses to become sustainable and resilient.



Climate Change
What is it, what causes it, why I should care.

How energy relates to greenhouse gases.

Taking Action
What the City is doing. What an individual and community can do.


Energy Transition

Energy Transition

How will our city move to more renewable, reliable energy sources? Learn about our Energy Transition Plan.

Citizens' Panel

Citizens' Panel

Citizens provided recommendations on how and why the city should become low carbon by 2050.

Energy Actions You Can Take


You're Gonna Love Green
Energy reduction tips and programs.

Green Home Guide
Tips for buying or selling a home or doing renovations, to help achieve greener standards and lower utility bills.


Green Building

Green Building

Learn what it means to “build green" and what the benefits are.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Learn more about renewable energy, including solar energy.

Canada's Clean50
Read about the 50 award winners whose efforts had the largest impact in advancing sustainability and clean capitalism over the previous two years.


Sustainability is the ability of human society to endure over a prolonged period as an integral part of the Earth’s natural systems.

It is achieved by living in such a way that the use of physical, natural and social resources to meet current needs are available or replaceable, to enable living systems to thrive into perpetuity.

In the context of a city, resiliency is the capacity of a city to withstand and bounce back intact from environmental disturbances. For a city to be resilient, it must be aware of potential risks, and take action to minimize these possibilities.

Risks related to climate change and energy include our 95% dependency on fossil fuels, our reliance on a centralized electrical system and challenges we face when severe weather events occur.

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