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Inventory & Register of Historic Resources

Historic Preservation Programs win Prince of Wales Award

The Heritage Canada Foundation awarded the prestigious national Prince of Wales Prize to the City of Edmonton in 2009 for its commitment to Municipal Heritage Leadership.

How the Inventory Works

The Inventory of Historic Resources in Edmonton is an inventory of structures/resources in Edmonton that merit conservation and may be eligible for designation as Municipal Historic Resources.  Resources are placed on the Inventory because they have architecture or social significance to the development of Edmonton or its neighbourhoods. 

Sustainable Development, in conjunction with the Edmonton Historical Board, has a mechanism to review nominations/amendments to add or delete properties to or from the Inventory. The Inventory also identifies buildings at Fort Edmonton, some landscapes and trees, cemeteries and monuments, street furnishings, and architectural fragments in the Appendix. The existing zoning, development rights and regulations continue to apply to properties on the Inventory.

The Register of Historic Resources in Edmonton is the official list of all resources on the Inventory that have been designated as a Municipal Historic Resource. Municipal Historic Resources are legally protected by a Bylaw instrument from demolition and inappropriate alterations. Any building or structure on the Register is eligible for assistance under Policy C-450B.

The Inventory and Register of Historic Resources in Edmonton

Selected Historic Resources in Edmonton

Selected Municipal Historic Resources listed in the Register of Historic Resources in Edmonton are linked on this page, organized by neighbourhood. Each link features Statements of Significance and images for each designated Municipal Historic Resource.

Bonnie Doon

Molstad Residence


Boyle Street / Quarters

Hecla Block
Pendennis Hotel / Lodge Hotel
Gibson Block
Ernest Brown Block / Brighton Block
Goodridge Building
Kingston Powell Building



High Level Bridge
Low Level Bridge
Mill Creek Trestle Bridge


Central McDougall

A. MacDonald Building
Edmonton Drill Hall/Prince of Wales Armoury


CPR Irvine

CPR Station



Trudel Residence
Richard Wallace Residence



Churchill Wire Centre

MacDonald Hotel

McLeod Block 

Metals Limited Building

Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company Warehouse

HV Shaw Building

Imperial Bank of Canada

Union Bank of Canadian Building

Parkview Apartments 

Richard Foote Residence

Jasper Block

Phillips Building


Edmonton Municipal Airport

Hangar #14



St. Joseph's Auxilliary Hospital

Cecil S. Burgess Residence

Sarah McLellan Residence



Dr. Robert Wells Residence 

Hyndman House



Charles J. Carter Residence

Lambton Block

John McNeill Residence

McTaggart Residence

William Paskins Residence 

Hull Block

Rehwinkel Parsonage



Westminster Apartments

Robertson Presbyterian Church

Oblats Maison Provinciale

Dame Chenier
Lester Allyn
John Lang


River Valley Walterdale

John Walter Houses



Children's Shelter/Ross Flats


Hudson's Bay Company Stables


Rural NE North Sturgeon

Farm House/Brick House



Bard Residence

Strathcona Public Library

Thomas Scott Residence

Roy Gerolamy Residence

Ed Milling Co. (Ritchie Mill)

George Durrand Residence


Spruce Avenue

North Telephone Exchange



Charles Barker Residence

Dr. Terwillegar's Residence

For more information:

David Johnston

Sustainable Development 
6th Floor, 10250 - 101 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4
Title Principal Heritage Planner
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