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Transforming Edmonton

Edmonton’s City Council has developed a City Vision -a creative description of our City’s future that will help to  set direction, guide decisions and align the priorities of the City of Edmonton. The City Vision paints a picture of how we imagine our city will look in 2040. Transforming Edmonton delivers on the City Vision, it is the way that the City’s administration will work towards change and improvements to bring our City Vision to life.

Transforming Edmonton Through Planning

The City Vision describes Edmonton as an innovative, inclusive, creative city. The development of such a city takes foresight and strategic planning – it won’t just happen on its own. To become the city that we envision, the City of Edmonton is committed to transforming our city through thoughtful planning. By making an ongoing series of deliberate, strategic and wise planning decisions that will lead towards the realization of the City Vision, we can transform our city and shape the one we imagine.

Strategic Plan

The City of Edmonton’s Strategic Plan, "The Way Ahead" is the ten-year planning framework that will guide the evolution of our city and ensure that we continue to work towards the development of the city that we describe in the City Vision. The strategic plan is a cornerstone of Transforming Edmonton.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP), “The Way We Grow” is the City’s strategic land use plan. The MDP will work to bring City Vision to life by guiding Edmonton’s growth and development for the next 10 years.

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP), "The Way We Move" is the overarching strategic document that provides the framework for how the City of Edmonton will address its future transportation needs. It describes, anticipates and plans The Way We Move.

Edmonton's People Plan

Edmonton's People Plan, "The Way We Live" is a long-term strategic plan that helps set direction, establish priorities and guide decisions about services that contribute to our health, safety and well-being.

Edmonton's Environmental Strategic Plan

The Way We Green is Edmonton’s environmental strategic plan -- a blueprint for being the nation's leader in setting the highest standards of environmental preservation and sustainability.

Edmonton's Financial Sustainability Plan

The Way We Finance is Edmonton’s framework for planning and managing the City's finances to help achieve the City Vision.

Edmonton's Economic Development Plan

The Way We Prosper is Edmonton's comprehensive economic development strategy for the city. It focuses on what it means to achieve the goal of “diversifying Edmonton’s economy.”