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Edmonton's Financial Sustainability Plan: The Way We Finance

The Way We Finance

What Is It?

Edmonton’s Financial Sustainability Plan:The Way We Finance is the City of Edmonton’s plan that speaks to City Council’s 10-year strategic goal to ensure Edmonton’s financial sustainability.  

This financial sustainability plan outlines how the City will ensure its continued sound fiscal management and long-term financial sustainability by: 

  • clarifying the City of Edmonton’s financial strategy,
  • focusing on developing financial policies and strategies and
  • viewing the City’s goals and strategies through a financial lens.

Edmonton’s Financial Sustainability Plan: The Way We Finance builds on the solid financial governance policies and practices currently in place, reaffirms what is still relevant and makes recommendations on financial policies or strategies.

Development of this plan is moving ahead and involves an assessment of leading practice research on several financial policy and strategy topics. White papers have been developed to provide a foundation for discussing the key municipal finance issues and questions.

The white paper topics are:

  • Debt 
  • Franchise Fees 
  • Investments 
  • Property Assessment and Taxation
  • User Fees

How Can I Have a Say?

We have received public feedback on all five white papers. 

The Executive Committee of Council held non-statutory public hearings to provide interested citizens and groups to give feedback on the policy issues addressed in the papers.

Past Executive Committee - non-statutory public hearings

  • September 30, 2014: Investments White Paper and Franchise Fees White Paper
  • November 12, 2014: Debt White Paper
  • May 10, 2016: User Fees White Paper and Property Assessment and Taxation White Paper

All feedback from the public will be considered in the development of the final Financial Sustainability Plan: The Way We Finance which will be presented to Council in the fall of 2016.


Major infrastructure investment

Debt White Paper

Financing the City's major infrastructure

User Fees

Users of recreation centre

User Fees White Paper

Fees paid by users of City programs and services

Assessment and Taxation

Properties in Edmonton

Property Assessment and Taxation White Paper

Fair and equitable assessment and taxation of properties


Global business man

Investments White Paper

Managing the City's investment portfolio

Franchise Fees

Franchise Fees White Paper

Fees charged to utilities

For More Information

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