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Urban Planning and Environment

Our Mandate       

We are citizen focused, aiming to create great places through participation of land use and environmental planning. We undertake these tasks at a regional, city-wide and area specific scale, guiding and influencing the city's urban form.

Our work supports Council's 10-year goals by delivering land use and environmental policy, plans, guidelines and programs.

Edmonton city skyline at dusk

The Way We Grow

Municipal development increases density and community vibrancy.

Edmonton city skyline and river valley

The Way We Green

Achieving highest standards of preservation and sustainability.

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Re-imagining shared spaces in our city.

3D preview image of The Quarter's Downtown

Current and Future Projects

Learn about projects in the works and plans for the City's future.

City Environmental Strategies

We strive to ensure Edmonton's environment sustains quality of life for our present and future citizens. Through partnership and advocacy, we are responsible for addressing emerging environmental issues, developing strategies, policies and programs and providing oversight of corporate environmental performance.

Parks Planning + Biodiversity

As leaders in urban parks and biodiversity, we conserve and create multi-functional landscapes that ensure ecological functions remain intact and recreational, restorative and social needs of the community are met.

  • Ecology
  • Parkland Developer Series
  • Parkland Policy
  • Parks Land Planning

Planning + Design

We are design thinkers who inspire change by leading the planning, design and preservation of great places through effective collaboration. We are forward thinkers who influence and change the urban form through new ideas and effective partnerships.

Regional Planning

We support long-term regional growth through collaboration and leadership for the benefit of the Capital Region and its citizens. We are trusted and credible professionals who facilitate Edmonton's regional competitiveness for a sustainable future.

Strategic Projects

We accelerate planning and development of strategic capital projects to promote health of citizens, support regional connectivity and steward the natural environment. We are tactical, collaborative and inclusive as we build connections and destinations that bring vibrancy to our city.

Strategy + Operations

We enable staff to create great places through branch-wide leadership, administrative support, operational efficiency and strategy development. We ensure branch strategies are all working towards the same department and City goals with purpose and creativity.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Planning
  • Administrative Services

Urban Policy + Analysis

We are planning professionals who shape Edmonton's urban form. We steward growth and change through policy and strategy development, analysis, collaboration and engagement.

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