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Urban Planning and Environment

Branch Mandate

Urban Planning and Environment works with City Council in developing the growth and environmental vision for the City of Edmonton. These strategic policy frameworks will influence the way Edmonton looks, feels, operates and interacts within its city-centred region 30 years from now and beyond.

Branch activities include: corporate land use and environmental policy, area plans, city wide and area specific guidelines and programs; undertakes urban design projects and reviews, evaluates and develops plans for parkland and the integration of biodiversity throughout the city.

Branch Services

The major areas of responsibility of Urban Planning and Environment include:


  • Developing and coordinating the City’s Municipal Development Plan and Environmental Strategic Plan.
  • Analyzing land development trends in established and developing neighbourhoods.
  • Maintaining and implementing the industrial land planning programs.
  • Coordinating issues related to oil and gas extraction within the city.
  • Coordinating environmental assessments (site, impact, natural area) for subdivision and development approvals.
  • Developing civic policies, statutory and non-statutory plans related to land use, land development and redevelopment, and corporate environmental practices and corporate biodiversity strategies.
  • Evaluating and negotiating inter-municipal plans, policies and agreements.
  • Contributing to Edmonton’s socio-economic and population forecasting.
  • CITYlab is a small, creative, collaborative unit that supports and creates small, temporary projects, activities and events to test new planning ideas and advance the conversation around urban planning issues in Edmonton

Urban Design

  • Preparing land use guidelines and conducting land use planning studies in specific areas.
  • Developing and implementing city-wide and neighbourhood-level urban design projects.
  • Implementing the Heritage Resources Management Plan and Heritage Program.
  • Developing and implementing city policies and procedures related to Business Revitalization Zones.
  • Advancing the Smart Choices Program and initiatives.
Area Planning
  • Preparing and implementing Area Redevelopment and Station Area Plans to facilitate development and re-development to create liveable and complete communities throughout Edmonton.
  • Conducting land use studies, developing land use policies and guidelines to achieve Edmonton’s policy of increasing housing unit growth in the Downtown, mature neighbourhoods and around LRT stations.
  • Facilitating and supporting city-led initiatives to implement Council’s vision of a more compact and sustainable city.
  • Offers the Planning Academy, a series of courses designed to provide a better understanding of the planning and development process in Edmonton.

Parks Planning and Biodiversity

  • Implement city-wide biodiversity management strategies and public engagement programs.

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