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Recruitment Overview

City Council appoints citizens to over 20 boards and encourages those with a desire to share their passion, time and skills to serve as volunteer board members of Agencies, Boards and Commissions.

Interested in serving on a board? Follow these simple steps

  • Take a look at the opportunities outlined on the Current Recruitment Campaigns page.
  • Link to the Civic Agency Webpage to review the Board Mandate, see a list of current board members and the Board Contact details.
  • Link to the Recruitment Profile to review the qualifications for new board members, time commitment, plus expectations and activities of the Board.
  • Choose the Boards (up to three) that match your interest, skills and time availability.
  • Complete and submit the Board Member Application Form, your Resume and three written Letters of  Reference. If applying to more than one, submit a separate application for each board and state your order of preference, as citizens may only serve on one Civic Agency at a time.  City Policy C575

If you have any trouble meeting the deadline date, or wish to confirm receipt of your application, please call the Civic Agencies Coordinator.  

General Information

  • Most board opportunities are volunteer; however a few do offer remuneration because of their responsibilities and required time commitment.  
  • Preference is given to residents of Edmonton.
  • Bio Form -- Short listed applicants will be asked to provide a brief bio of themselves, and if appointed as a Board Member, this information will be included in the City Council minutes as a brief introduction to City Council and the citizens of Edmonton.
  • Most appointments are for one year, renewable for up to six consecutive years.
  • Prior to reappointment, board members are evaluated. Schedule 2 - Re-appointment Form (Summary of Evaluations for Members Eligible for Re-appointment) to City Policy C575 - Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions, outlines the basic evaluation criteria.

For more information:

Civic Agencies Coordinator

Office of the City Clerk
2nd Floor, Churchill Building
10019 - 103 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB   T5J 0G9

Telephone 780-442-4395
Fax 780-496-8175
Email civic.agencies@edmonton.ca