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Residential Licences & Permits


Permits and licenses apply to all new and existing households and must be obtained any time a resident or owner:

  • Adds a new building or structure to the property (house, gazebo, satellite dish, etc. )
  • Constructs interior alterations and/or exterior alterations which modify the size of an existing building
  • Renovates to create rentable space (secondary suite)
  • Plans to operate a business from a residential property
  • Has pets

New Structures
All new structures must conform to the size, height, side yard distances, site coverage and setback standards outlined in the City of Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw. In addition, the structure's building method must adhere to Alberta Building Code standards.

Modifying the Size
All modifications altering the size of a structure, such as a bay window or an addition, must conform to standards outlined in the Zoning Bylaw and the Alberta Building Code.

Alterations and Suites
Structural changes such as finishing a basement or adding or removing walls usually require a building permit. Developing a suite requires both development and building permits.

Structural Changes or Construction Before Permits
Any new construction or alteration made to a structure before permits are obtained will result in double fees for the required permits.

Home-Based Business and Sales
Residential neighbourhoods are designed primarily for living purposes, however, some types of businesses can operate from a house or apartment suite with the approval of both a development permit and business licence.

Pet Owners
Dogs and cats must be licensed annually.

Additional Information

Residential Construction and Improvements
Business Licence Bylaw

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Permits and Licensing Service Centre

Sustainable Development
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Edmonton, AB T5J 3P4

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