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Bandit Taxis

Bandit taxis are vehicles operating as taxis, without a valid licence. They are often uninsured, unsafe and the driver has not been screened by the City. That is why it is important to always make sure your cab isn’t a bandit!

Licensed taxis are subject to significant scrutiny by the City, making them considerably safer than bandits.

Licensed taxi drivers must submit a driver abstract and police information check when they renew their licence. Drivers must also prove that they have taken professional driving classes and that they work for a legitimate taxi company.

Licensed taxi vehicles are subject to regular mechanical inspections, regular fare meter inspections, and they must be properly insured so that everyone in the vehicle is covered if there is an accident.

You should never get inside a taxi unless all of the features listed below are visible.

Recognizing a Licensed Taxi

an example of a legitimate City of Edmonton taxi licence plate

This is an example of a legitimate City of Edmonton taxi licence plate.

Legitimate, licensed taxis in Edmonton are easy to recognize because they all have a:

  • Front licence plate that says “Edmonton” followed by a three or four digit number starting with "T-", "TL-" or “A-” (for example, T-1234). This is then followed by "Taxi", "Limited Taxi" or "Accessible Taxi".

    Lmited Taxi Plate
    This is an example of a Limited Taxi plate.

    Accessible Taxi Plate
    This is an example of an Accessible Taxi plate.

  • City of Edmonton inspection sticker displayed in the vehicle

    Vehicle For Hire Inspection Sticker
    This is an example of a City of Edmonton taxi inspection sticker.

  • City of Edmonton Taxi ID sticker which states which company and which unit # you are in.
    City of Edmonton Taxi ID
    This is an example of a City of Edmonton taxi ID.

  • City of Edmonton driver’s licence – complete with a photo of the driver – visible inside the vehicle.
    Taxi Driver's Permit Example
    This is an example of a City of Edmonton limousine driver's licence.

  • Visible meter inside the vehicle, which the driver starts after you get in, to determine your fare.
    Example of Taxi Fare Meter
    This is an example of a regular taxi fare meter.

  • Meter rate sticker displayed in vehicle.

    Taxi Rate Card Example
    This is an example of a taxi rate card.

  • Unit number decals on the vehicle’s rear side panel and back bumper.
    Taxi Illustration with Company Name Decals
    This is an example of a taxi with the unit number displayed. 
  • all licensed taxis have a safety shield.

Benefits to Using a Licensed Taxi

When you get into a legitimate, licensed taxi, you can be sure that:

  • The driver has the proper training. 
  • The driver has submitted a criminal background check and driver's abstract to the City.
  • You will not be overcharged for your trip, or there is recourse if you are.
  • The vehicle has regular safety inspections and is in good mechanical condition.
  • The vehicle and driver have commercial insurance that will cover you in the event of an accident.
  • The fare meter has been inspected and will charge you the right rate.

City of Edmonton licensed taxis are not permitted to refuse rides based on the location of your destination. If you are refused a ride or witness any other problematic behaviour in a licensed taxi, report it online, or call 780-496-5244 with the company name, unit number, time and date of the incident.

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