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The provincial Tobacco Reduction Act prohibits smoking in all public places and workplaces.

The Public Places Bylaw promotes safe, enjoyable, and reasonable use of public places for the benefit of all residents and visitors.

In the City of Edmonton, you can't smoke:

Smoking is limited to private homes or vehicles and designated smoking areas in the workplace. 

Please note that e-cigarettes that do not contain tobacco are not currently regulated under the Tobacco Reduction Act or Public Places Bylaw.

For more information on particular interpretations of the bylaw, check our FAQ.

Making it Obvious

Business owners and managers are responsible for making sure signs are posted to show smokers where they may or may not smoke.

Disposing of Cigarette Butts

Discarded cigarette butts are one of the most common forms of littering in the city. Business owners and managers are responsible for ensuring the area around their business is free of cigarette litter. The city has several programs to help keep Edmonton free of cigarette litter.

Reporting Your Concerns

If you have a concern about someone smoking in a public place or cigarette litter:

  • Discuss your concern with the smoker or the business owner 
  • Record the address of the violation and a description of the problem if you can't resolve it directly
  • Call 311
  • Provide your name, address, phone number, and the details of your concern in case your testimony is required in court

Responding to Your Complaint

After you call 311, the City takes these steps to help with your issue:
  1. A file is created specifying your concerns
  2. A Community Standards Peace Officer (CPO) opens an investigation
  3. The officer investigates your complaint
  4. The CPO may issue a warning notice with directions to remedy the problem within a specified time frame or issue a bylaw ticket with a $250 fine depending on the circumstances
  5. The City may contact you to appear as a witness, if the matter goes to court

Protecting your Privacy

The information you provide will be used to process your complaint, but your name and address will not be made available to anyone else. For more information on how the City protects your privacy visit Freedom of Information and Privacy.

For more information:

Current Planning Service Centre

Sustainable Development
5th floor, 10250 - 101 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3P4

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
8am to 4:30pm


In Edmonton: 311

Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

Fax 780-496-6054