Vehicle for Hire

Ride Sharing Services Race Into Edmonton

The first legal ride-sharing services enter Edmonton’s vehicle for hire market.

License Your Pet

License Your Pet

Pet licences are affordable, available online and ensure that the City can contact you if we find your pet.

Nail Down Your Permit

Nail Down Your Permit

Dreaming of a deck or new garage? Get a jump start on your next summer project and apply for your permit today.

Temporary Signs

Temporary Signs

Temporary Signs on private property require a development permit, and need City approval before the sign is placed.

Business Licences

Having a licence shows your customers that you are a legitimate business that follows local laws.

Online Permitting Services

The Online Permitting System allows registered construction contractors to apply for and/or view their permits.

Online Bylaw Complaints

Citizens can click and connect to make complaints about animal and property bylaw-related issues.

Buying and Selling Property

The City can review and confirm that structures on a property have the proper permits and location.