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Introducing Oxford Phase II (Stage 18)

Oxford Subdivision logo

Come and visit four unique, sustainable show homes in our Oxford community, Located west of 130 Street and 164 Avenue. Two homes feature completed Secondary Suites. Matching grants of up to $20,000 are available if you build a home with a suite.

Talk to one of the four Oxford builders to have them build you your own environmentally-sustainable dream home in Oxford.

Oxford Phase I - Report Card

To date (March 13, 2015), 61 homes have been completed in Phase I of Oxford.  Of these,
  • 28 achieved the minimum EnerGuide rating of 78, and
  • 30 exceeded the EnerGuide rating of 78, making the buyer eligible for an Oxford Green Building Grant of up to $7,000.

This is an outstanding achievement and advances City Council's objective of helping Edmonton become an environmentally-sustainable and resilient city.

We are raising the bar!

Phase II of Oxford will continue to demonstrate the City's commitment to The Way We Green by incorporating sustainable design and environmentally-sensitive building practices. All homes built in this phase of Oxford must be constructed solar-ready for future installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.  In addition, all buyers and builders will be required to comply with the Sustainability and Architectural Design Guidelines, which include obtaining third-party sustainability certification of either BuiltGreen Canada Gold,LEED Canada for Home, ENERGY STAR, R2000, or achieving a minimum EnerGuide rating of 80.

Visit Natural Resources Canada for more information on EnerGuide and Solar Ready Guidelines.

NOTE: All homes built after February 1, 2014, are subject to the New Home Buyer Protection Act.


Sustainability requirements are compulsory and every home being built in this area of Oxford must achieve certification from a third-party sustainability rating program.

Secondary Suites

Lots noted with SS (Secondary Suite) on the map of public lots have upgraded services to accommodate a suite.  Buyers of these lots are encouraged to build a home with a completed secondary suite.  Homes built with a completed secondary suite on applicable lots may be eligible for a grant of up to $20,000.

Oxford Green Building Grant

The City of Edmonton is also offering an Oxford Green Building Grant of up to $7,000 for homes that achieve an EnerGuide rating of 82 and above. 

Details and documents

For more information:

Oxford Residential Lot Sales

Real Estate, Housing and Economic Sustainability
Sustainable Development



Email oxford@edmonton.ca