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Business Revitalization Zones

A Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is a unique opportunity for businesses to work together to accomplish mutual goals. Customers want safe, interesting and attractive places to shop, dine and conduct business.

A BRZ can attract customers and enhance an area through:

BRZ Business Association

A BRZ is initiated at the request of a business community. It is set up and governed by a combination of provincial legislation and City policy.

When a BRZ is created, City Council establishes a business association, sets the BRZ boundary, and approves a Board of Directors and annual budget. The budgeted amount is collected through a special tax levy of BRZ members.

Once established, City Council annually approves the BRZ's budget, Board of Directors, and special tax levy. All monies collected by the City are returned to the Business Association in quarterly instalments to fund the BRZ's initiatives.

Find the locations of all the BRZs in Edmonton.

Annual Requirements

A business association must meet several requirements each year:

  • Produce an audited financial statement and annual report
  • Conduct an annual general meeting for its members
  • Nominate a Board of Directors
  • Draft an annual budget

Civic Coordinating Function

Sustainable Development provides the civic coordinating function for Edmonton's BRZs. Staff provide consultative and planning services related to the establishment and ongoing operation of BRZs. Staff also prepare BRZ reports and bylaws for City Council's consideration.

Business Revitalization Zones Handbook

Sustainable Development, together with BRZ associations, created the BRZ Handbook as a one-stop resource for established and future business revitalization zones to improve their operating practices. The information is primarily for Executive Directors, BRZ Board members, local business owners and City officials.

The intent of the handbook is not to regulate BRZ services, but to answer questions on the management of a BRZ and ensure that services can be effectively provided, and to serve as a point of reference.

The handbook provides guidelines for the operations of a BRZ, such as hiring of staff and running effective meetings, provides information on strategic planning and financial management, and encourages BRZ Executive Directors and Board Members to discover new services and programs for their BRZ membership.

BRZ Contacts

The following table provides contact information for the various BRZs in Edmonton.

BRZ Location Contact Contact Information Mailing Address
Alberta Avenue Joachim Holtz,
Exec. Director

Phone: 780-471-2602
Fax: 780-477-1378
Email: director@alberta-avenue.com
Office: aaba@alberta-avenue.com
Web: www.alberta-avenue.com/

Upstairs Office B
11739 – 88 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5B 3R6
Beverly Cornel Rusnak,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-413-6244
Fax: 780-413-6278
Email: beverlybrz@telus.net
Box 20202
RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB
T5W 5E6
Chinatown Ratan Lawrence,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-423-2628
Fax: 780-423-2612
Email: brz@telus.net
Hull Block,
#301, 9664 - 106 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5H 0N4
Downtown Jim Taylor,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-424-4085
Fax: 780-425-7805
Email: info@edmontondowntown.com
Web: www.edmontondowntown.com/
10121 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5J 4X6
Fort Road and Area Deanna Fuhlendorf,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-472-2562
Fax: 780-472-2562
Email: fortroad@telusplanet.net
Box 21
13303 Fort Road
Edmonton, AB
T5A 1C3
French Quarter and Area  Jean Johnson,
Exec. Director

Phone: 587-524-9399
Email: info@frenchquarteredmonton.ca

207A, 8925-82 Avenue,
Edmonton, AB
T6C 0Z2

Inglewood Wes Robson,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-446-2785
Fax: 780-545-6685
Email: inglewoodbrz@shaw.ca
Web: myinglewood.ca

Mailing Address Only:
12208 - 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2K1

Kingsway Ellie Sasseville,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-454-9716
Fax: 780-453-1025
Email: info@kingswaydistrict.ca
Web: www.edmontonkingsway.com/
11810 Kingsway Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5G 0X5
 North Edge
(formerly 107 Avenue and Area) 
Laurene Viarobo,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-288-0139
Email:  laurene.viarobo@thenorthedge.ca
Web: www.thenorthedge.ca/
Mailing Address Only:
10507 - 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 3B1
Northwest Industrial Allan Schmidt,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-905-2322
Fax: 780-401-3182
Email: info@nwiba.ca
Web: www.nwiba.ca  

10716-42A Avenue, Edmonton, AB.
T6J 2P7

Old Strathcona Murray Davison,
Exec. Director

Phone: 780-437-4182
Fax: 780-433-4657
Email: murray@oldstrathcona.ca
Office: info@oldstrathcona.ca
Web: www.oldstrathcona.ca/

#202, 10345 Whyte Avenue
Edmonton AB T6E 1Z9
T6E 1Z9
Stony Plain Road and Area Diane Kereluk,
Exec. Director
Phone: 780-477-5169
Email: stonyplainbrz@telus.net
Web: www.stonyplainroadbrz.ca/
#201, 15241 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB
T5P 3Y4
124 Street and Area Jeff McLaren,
Exec. Director

Phone: 780-413-6503
Fax: 780-413-6504
Email: info@124street.ca
Web: www.124street.ca/index.php

#202, 10715 - 124 St
Edmonton, AB
T5M 0H2

For more information:

Stuart Kehrig

Economic Sustainability
Housing and Economic Sustainability
Sustainable Development
11th Floor, 10250 - 101 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3P4

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Fax 780-495-9916
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