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Construction News

Construction activities at Blatchford; a new mixed-use urban community in Edmonton, Alberta.

Construction news

On August 8, 2015, construction began on the first phase of residential development and a section of the central park. Once the site grading and excavation for the first stormwater pond is complete, the City will begin installation of underground utilities. Removal and recycling of the former airport buildings also continues at the site.

Pre-construction work at Blatchford began in summer 2014. During this first stage, buildings on the west side of the site were deconstructed and one-third of the runways and taxiways were removed from the south end of the site.

What’s happening in 2015

As the developer, the City is responsible for installing underground utilities, roads and parks. Grading of the site, digging the first stormwater pond and construction of infrastructure began in August 2015. The work happening this year will allow the City to sell fully serviced lots to pre-qualified builders starting in 2016.

The City will also be doing work at the site to investigate the best way to deliver on the vision to build a sustainable community that uses 100 per cent renewable energy and is carbon neutral. A district energy system is currently being evaluated.

There are a number of buildings on the Blatchford site that will eventually need to be removed to allow for development. The removal of the buildings will occur in stages, with six buildings on the west side of the site already deconstructed and removed from the property. Additional buildings on the site are currently being deconstructed.

For More Information

Blatchford Project Office

Email blatchford@edmonton.ca