Living in Blatchford
Artist drawing of Blatchford

Blatchford is transforming 536 acres of land in the heart of Edmonton into an inclusive, family-oriented, sustainable community. With approximately 30,000 people eventually calling this community home, Blatchford is the beginning of a new era of residential living for Edmontonians.

In addition to two primarily residential districts on the east and west side, Blatchford will have a vibrant town center, a community civic plaza and significant park and green space.

Blatchford illustration showing the stages of development

Interested in living in Blatchford?

If you are interested in living in Blatchford, we want to hear from you! Your answers to this survey will help us determine the type of units people want to live in and what features are most important to have in the homes. 

Where are we at now?
The removal and recycling of buildings and runways began at Blatchford in summer 2014. The City of Edmonton officially began construction in the summer of 2015 with grading of the site and excavation of the first stormwater pond.

The City of Edmonton is currently working on the plans for delivering an energy system in Blatchford that will achieve Council's vision for a carbon neutral community that uses 100 % renewable energy. A report on the energy system is anticipated to go before City Council in late 2016. 

The City, as land developer, is responsible for the installation of underground utilities, district energy system, roads, parks and streetscaping, as well as arranging for the subdivision and rezoning of the land and establishing architectural standards and building performance requirements.  Fully serviced and subdivided parcels will be sold to pre-qualified builders, who will sell individual units to the public. 
Is the City of Edmonton building the homes?

No. As the developer, the City will construct the infrastructure for the community, set the green building standards and establish the architectural guidelines that will ensure the community meets its high environmental and social goals.

Fully serviced lots will be sold to builders who will sell directly to homebuyers. In order to achieve Blatchford’s sustainability goals, builders selected for the community will need to meet pre-determined sustainable building standards.

When will the first homes be available?
The City anticipates selecting homebuilders for the first stage of development in 2017.
Where are the first homes being built?
The first stage of residential development will take place on the west side of the site. Comprised of townhomes and low to mid-rise apartments, the west district will provide residents with a unique lifestyle.

Over 6,000 residential units will eventually be built on the west side. In the first stage of development, approximately 250 units will be built. 
What types of homes will be available in Blatchford?
Housing will be designed to meet the needs of people at all stages of life — everyone from students to young professionals to families to seniors. Housing types will be available in a variety of styles and price points. Because Blatchford is about ‘building-in’ and creating a high-density sustainable neighbourhood, it will be the first community in Edmonton with no single-detached homes. All the homes will be low and mid-rise apartments or townhomes.

The City is currently developing the design guidelines for the west district. These guidelines will set the design expectations for the first stage of construction. 
How much will the homes cost?
Pricing for the homes will be decided by the builders and market conditions. The community will have 20% affordable housing, including potential student housing for NAIT students.

All improvements, amenities and land uses herein are proposed and information on properties and neighbourhoods, prices, plans, dimensions, features, amenities and/or other improvements is subject to change without notice. There can be no assurance that the current proposed improvements, plans or amenities will be completed. Map, plot plans and depictions of homes and other improvements are artist's conceptions and not to scale.

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