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City Hall School

City Hall School

City Hall School is one of the Inquiring Minds sites in Edmonton. It is a week long, inquiry based, hands on learning experience for Grade 1 – 12 students. Students gain an understanding of municipal government through simulated City Council sessions, a visit to the Mayor’s office and by working with Councillors, social workers, Edmonton Police Service, historians and other City employees. Citizenship, the environment and social responsibility are topics which are an integral part of City Hall School.

Students not only have a chartered ETS bus transport them to and from City Hall, they also receive essential transit training and have opportunities to ride the LRT.

As the week progresses students learn that this landmark building is not just the home of civic leadership but also a gathering place for the community. The vibrant downtown core provides endless possibilities for supporting student learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students, teachers and parent volunteers come away with not only an increased sense of civic pride but also a richer understanding of the services that the City provides to meet the needs of Edmontonians.

The week itself is a catalyst for a year-long connection with City Hall. Students receive their City Hall School journals in September and start the year off by making connections through the “Big Idea” that the teacher has developed for his/her class. The Coordinator provides teacher training and works with the teacher to plan activities tailored to suit the class.

While at City Hall for their week, student learning is enhanced by meeting curriculum expectations through meaningful connections to the real world. Students’ journals are filled with observations, reflections, sketches, interviews and information.

24 teachers and their classes were selected for the 2015/2016 school year.

2015/2016 City Hall School Classes

How to Apply

Applications for 2016/2017 City Hall School will begin in spring 2016.

2016/2017 Inquiring Minds Application

If you would like to find out more information about site-based education visit the Inquiring Minds webpage.

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For More Information

City Hall School

Main Floor, City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB,  T5J 2R7

Telephone 780-944-7826
Fax 780-496-5618
Email CityHallSchool@edmonton.ca
Twitter https://twitter.com/@CityHallSchool