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Off Leash Areas

Dogs Off Leash Park

Edmonton has over 40 areas where your dog can run and play without having you on the other end of the leash. You too, can get physical and emotional benefits from exercise and by socializing with other dog owners.

Some off leash areas are in river valley parks, some are on undeveloped land, still others are in neighbourhood parks. All sites have boundaries but are not fenced. Area maps with boundaries are posted at each site.

You can always have the off leash area information with you by having a copy of Parks for Paws - your guide to the off leash sites.

Off Leash Area Locations and Maps

Find your neighbourhood off leash area and individual area maps by using the interactive map.

Before you take your dog to an off leash area

  • License your dog
  • Have your dog vaccinated
  • Make sure your dog obeys your voice commands immediately
  • Remember to bring your pooper scooper

At an off leash area

  • Look out for other users. The City has a multi-use policy, so expect to share off leash areas with people that don't bring dogs
  • Keep your dog within your sight
  • Have your leash always ready, even in off leash areas
    Remember to use your pooper scooper
  • Bear in mind Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw C13145 and Parkland Bylaw C2202

Are restricted dogs allowed in off leash areas?

No, they are not allowed. A restricted dog is a dog that has been deemed restricted as a result of a conviction under the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw for any of the sections pertaining to chases, attacks or bites. Restricted dogs must be leashed and muzzled any time they are outside the owner's property.

What It Might Cost You If You Don't Comply

Non-compliance Issue Fine
No licence $250
Failure to scoop $100
Dog bite causing injury $500-$2500
Dog attack, no injury $100
Dog not under control $100
Dog on posted parkland, school ground, playground, picnic site, golf course, roadway and flower beds $100
Dog off leash in a non-designated area (including paved trails) $100
Failure to display dog licence tag $100
Failure to carry a leash $100
Failure to control or leash a dog $100

Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy

The “Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy” was approved by the Community Services Committee on March 21, 2016 and Parks Operations was directed to develop an implementation plan by mid 2017.

The implementation plan will include evaluating all current off leash areas, as well as establishing new processes for creating and decommissioning off leash areas.  While these processes are being established, applications for new off leash areas will not be accepted through the Dogs Off Leash Program.  Efforts will be focused on integrating the new planning, design and management guidelines into new off leash areas being worked on as part of park plans, new developments, and neighbourhood redevelopments. This website will be updated with information on any changes to off leash areas and opportunities to get involved in the process.

Support Edmonton's off leash areas

  • Become a site monitor. Call 311 if you notice the area needs cleaning or witness dangerous dog behaviour
  • Offer financial support. It helps install bulletin boards and park benches. Call 311
  • Participate in the annual off leash area cleanup (city-wide on the first Sunday in May and last Sunday in September).

For More Information

Parks and River Valley Operations - General Information

Telephone In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton:  780-442-5311
Email 311@edmonton.ca

Off Leash Site Co-ordinator

For Off Leash Area questions and Dogs Off Leash Ambassador Program applications:



Email DogOffLeashCoordinator@edmonton.ca