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Rundle Park Golf Course


Sunday September 4

Access to Victoria Golf Course will by Shuttle only. Free shuttles will be leaving from the Edmonton Ballpark West parking lot (96 Ave between 104 Ave. and Rossdales Road) every 30 minutes from 6am-3:30pm and 8pm-10:20pm and leaving every 20 minutes from 4pm-8pm.

Monday September 5

River Valley Road will be closed to general traffic from 5am-7pm.  However, traffic to and from Victoria Golf Course will be permitted through a single access point.

  • 5am-1:30pm: Access to Victoria Golf Course will be granted from 105 Street and River Valley Road only.
  • 1:30pm-7pm: Access to Victoria Golf Course will be via northbound Groat Road across Goat Road Bridge only. Access from Victoria Golf Course will be via southbound Groat Road across Groat Road Bridge only.

Please leave extra time to arrive at the golf course, as automobile traffic may be temporarily slowed or stopped to allow cyclists through.


  • Victoria: September 6-9
  • Riverside: September 12-16

Rundle Park Golf Course is a classic 18-hole, Par 3 executive course suitable for both beginner and experienced golfers. Rundle's tree-lined fairways reward straight, accurate tee shots, and the greens are guarded by multiple bunkers. Rundle is a great course to learn the game or fine-tune golf skills.

Plot Your Course

Course Layout

This classic 18 hole, Par 3 course is perfect for beginners and experienced golfers.

Clubs and Leagues

Enjoy With Others

Golf is a social game. Rundle has leagues for women, seniors and youth.

Programs and Events

Lessons, Programs & Events

We have an exciting array of new programs and events for 2016. Try out our Adult Golf Bootcamp or a Family Fun Lesson.

For More Information

Rundle Park Golf Course

Located in Rundle Park.
Access from Victoria Trail or 28 Street and 118 Avenue.

2902 - 118 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta





2902 118 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

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